“History of Medicine” Study Abroad Program in Germany Seeks Students

The “Germany History of Medicine Program” offers students in life science majors an opportunity to travel to Europe for a 5-week program during second summer session (in 2010 from July 3 through August 7).  The program is well suited for pre-medical, pre-veterinary medical and pre-graduate school students interested in any aspect of biomedicine.

The program is designed to expose students to the historical developments in human and veterinary medicine in Europe and the current state of medicine, medical practice, and health care in European countries.  Students will receive 4 hours of credit for VTPP 401 (History of Medicine) and 2-4 additional hours of Directed Studies credit (VTPP 485).  In addition, the VTPP 401 course counts as 4 hours of International Cultural and Diversity credit (6 needed for graduation from TAMU).

Students live with English-speaking host families in Bonn, Germany, and along with a specialized series of lectures by A&M faculty, get to hear guest lecturers in history, history of medicine, homeopathy, and health care in Europe as well as participate in special guided tours of hospitals (human and veterinary), medical and veterinary medical schools, research institutes, zoos, and museums throughout Germany and in Vienna, Austria.  Among our excursions is a day-long visit to the Heart and Diabetes Center of North-Rhine Westfalen, one of the largest heart and kidney transplant hospitals in Germany and where students get to gown and observe cardiac surgeries and meet with the physicians and engineers responsible for their cardiac device unit (ventricular assist devices and total artificial hearts).

For Summer II, there are still about 6 slots left.  The estimated program fee for 2010 is $6,300, which does not include airfare to and from Bonn (about $1,000).  There is financial aid available, and students who hold a four-year Honors Programs scholarship are eligible for a $1,000 study abroad stipend.

In terms of prerequisites, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and 55 hours of academic coursework completed, both as of December 2009.  Students from a wide array of majors are eligible for the program, although typical majors include BIMS, BIOL, BMEN, and ANSC. Students who are unsure whether their major qualifies for the program should contact Dr. Jeremy Wasser (jwasser@cvm.tamu.edu).

Further program information is available on the Study Abroad Program Office (SAPO) website: http://studioabroad.tamu.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10169&Type=O&sType=O

Further questions about the program should be directed to Dr. Jeremy Wasser at jwasser@cvm.tamu.edu.


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