New Honors Course on Adoption Narratives Offered

Many students may be interested in a new course being team-taught by Dr. Claudia Nelson and Dr. Liz Talafuse: ENGL 394-200: “The History and Development of Adoption Narratives.”

The course will survey representations of adoption primarily in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American, British, and Canadian fiction, children’s literature, memoir, drama, film, and social science writing to explore the development of the adoption narrative as a genre. Throughout the semester, the class will investigate what narratives of adoption suggest about the concept of “family.” Questions to be considered include: What does “family” mean if the biological component is absent? How are the concepts of “family” and “blood” connected? How does the adopted child understand his/her position in the adoptive family? How do authors and readers respond to adoptive parenthood? The literature included in this course will examine adoption from the perspectives of adoptive families, biological families, and adopted children. Furthermore, we will investigate how representations of adoption have/have not changed over time.

The course is MWF, 12:40 pm to 1:30 pm. It will count as an upper-level Humanities course towards both Foundation and University Honors.

For further information, contact Dr. Nelson – – or Dr. Talafuse –  Further course information may be found via the course listing at


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