Fulbright Grants to Fund Study Abroad

The online application for the Fulbright Program for US Students is now open.  Fulbright is the premier study abroad program for US students, providing complete support for an entire academic year of foreign study or research.

Sponsored by the US Department of State, Fulbright annually awards over 1,300 grants to support foreign research or study in over 140 countries. A Fulbright grant entirely supports one academic year of study, research, or teaching assistantship experience—projects may include university course work, independent library or field research, or professional training in the arts.

To be eligible, students must be U.S. citizens and hold at least a bachelor’s degree by the start of the grant period (i.e. graduating seniors and graduate students may apply). Students should begin preparing their applications at the end of their third/junior year of undergraduate study.

The Fulbright program provides invaluable opportunities to meet, work, and live with people of various cultures, promotes cross-cultural interaction and mutual understanding through engagement in local communities, and fosters appreciation of other’s viewpoints and beliefs, the way they do things, and the way they think, through direct interaction with them on an individual basis in the classroom, field, home, and in daily tasks.

For more information on the Fulbright Program for US Students, visit http://www.us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html.

For information on how to apply to the program, visit http://us.fulbrightonline.org/program_universities_school.html?id=806 or http://honors.tamu.edu/advising/NationalScholarships_ApplicationProcedures.shtml.

For further guidance on the application process, contact Mr. Kyle Mox, National Scholarships Coordinator at kemox@tamu.edu or 979.204.4709.


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