Kristina Yancey Receives Fulbright Grant

The Honors Programs office announces that nuclear engineering major Kristina Yancey ’10 has received a Fulbright grant to conduct research and study in Switzerland for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Sponsored by the Department of State, The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards scholarships to U.S. graduating seniors, graduate students, young professionals and artists selected through a national, merit-based competition for study and research abroad. Academic fields include the social sciences, humanities and the sciences. The Program emphasizes leadership development. Approximately 1,500 scholarships are awarded each year for study in over 150 countries.

Yancey will use her grant to work with the FAST Reactors Group at the Paul Scherrer Institute near Zurich, Switzerland. Her hope is to develop a computer model of a next-generation nuclear reactor.

Yancey is an Honors Research Fellow and will graduate with distinctions from the Engineering Scholars Program and with both Foundation Honors and University Honors distinctions from the University Honors Program. A President’s Endowed Scholar and a Galen T. Brown Scholar, she has served as president of the Global Justice student organization. She has also been recognized with the Aggie Spirit Award for determination in the face of adversity and as a Stinson Scholar by the Department of Nuclear Engineering.

Yancey comments that her proposed research in Switzerland would be of benefit as she progresses in her education towards a PhD in nuclear engineering and towards her ultimate goal of designing more sustainable nuclear reactors. “As the world moves toward more environmentally-friendly power sources, it will be vital to make the case for nuclear power to be part of the energy portfolio and to keep striving for excellence in the nuclear industry, both with current and future technology,” Yancey comments. In reference to why studying in Switzerland, as opposed to the United States, will be so valuable, she adds, “I would not only be sharing ideas about the group’s work but also learning about the country’s attitude toward nuclear energy. Because Switzerland is made up of an international community, learning about the country’s attitude would give me a better understanding of nuclear energy in a more global context.”

In the past ten years, 20 Texas A&M students have received Fulbright Grants, studying such diverse fields as archaeology, engineering, and journalism in countries ranging from Chile to Japan to Poland. The application cycle for Fulbright Grants for the 2011-2012 cycle is currently underway. For more information, please contact Mr. Kyle Mox, National Scholarships Coordinator at (979) 845-1957 or


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