Applications Accepted for Presidential Fellows Program

The office of Undergraduate Studies is seeking a nominee to represent Texas A&M as a Presidential Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, a non-partisan, non-profit group that conducts major conferences and working sessions on the Presidency and critical governance issues. The CSP also publishes the Presidential Studies Quarterly and a number of scholarly books each year.

The CSP Presidential Fellows Program is a unique, non-residential program that offers 75 select students from leading colleges and universities a year-long opportunity to study all aspects of the American Presidency and the public policy-making process, with the objective of developing a new generation of national leaders who are committed to public service.

Each Fellow undertakes an original research project on an aspect of the modern Presidency and produces a 15-page research paper. Fellows also attend fall and spring leadership conferences in Washington DC.

Students from all academic majors are eligible to apply, but viable candidates must have 1) Strong academic credentials; 2) A demonstrated interest in the institution of the Presidency; and 3) An interest in public policy and public service.

To learn how to apply for university nomination to the Presidential Fellows program, contact Kyle Mox ā€“ or 845-1957.


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