Texas A&M University Honors Program Ranked #1 in Engineering

A new ranking in the soon-to-be-published A Review of Fifty Public University Honors Programs puts the Texas A&M University Honors Program in the top spot in the category of “Schools with Engineering Focus.” The 275-page book to be published in April 2012 will detail Honors curriculum, achievements, graduation rates and benefits that students might expect from the reviewed programs. The editor is careful to note that the programs in the engineering category offer a wide range of opportunity to students in all academic majors, and have admissions criteria that would be comparable to another category, “SAT Minimum 1300-1400.”

The book, which is intended to be used as a guidebook for prospective college students, reviewed Honors programs at all public universities ranked in the top 75 by the most recent U.S. News Best American Colleges report as well as those public universities that are members of the Association of American Universities. The guidebook will not only provide ranking by category performance, but will also provide a number of different ways to compare the Honors programs reviewed including by perception, overall excellence, excellence impact, and honors only.


1 Comment

  1. This is fabulous news for the A & M University Honors Program and College of Engineering! The College of Engineering at Texas A & M University has outstanding faculty and research and development that, when combined with students with superior academic capabilities and well rounded people skills that are exemplified by their core values of service, respect, integrity, and passion for their fellow man, provide a dynamic environment to maximize the college learning experience for engineering students.

    Craig Brown
    Class of ’75

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