Scholars and Fellows Have a Big Showing at Student Research Week 2012

The 15th annual Student Research WeekStudent Research Week 2012 concluded last week with a record number of graduate and undergraduate participants. The week-long celebration of student research is coordinated by the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and provides opportunities for students to present, either orally or in poster form, the research they have conducted as students at Texas A&M. Student Research Week helps foster a culture of research by setting a high standard for student research, advertising the opportunities for inquiry at Texas A&M, and inviting the university community to participate in this exciting endeavor.

The theme for Student Research Week was “Embracing Your Inner Nerd,” emphasizing the passion for work, desire to share knowledge, and drive to change the world that makes student researchers unique.

Sophia Daniels presents at SRW 2012

99 of the 189 undergraduate participants in SRW 2012 were Undergraduate Research Scholars or University Undergraduate Research Fellows (Honors Research Fellows). Not only did these students account for more than half of the undergraduate participants, they took home 65% of the undergraduate prizes. See the list below for details:

History, Literature, Fine Arts, Communication, Language, Philosophy
1st Tobias Flattery
2nd Julian Hegedus

1st Alison Wolters

Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Business, Education, Political Science, Public Policy
1st Lynnel Goodman
2nd Leslie Ballinger

Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience
1st Landon Nash
2nd Saadiah Ahmed

2nd Kari Galipp (tied)

Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
1st Deepika Ram
2nd David Migl

1st Alex Broussard
2nd Najla Valdes

Pierce Young presents at SRW 2012

Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences
1st  Sophia Daniels
2nd  Peirce Young

Earth Sciences, Geosciences, Water Resources
1st Laura Bradt
2nd Kristen Huang

Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences
2nd Chris Davis

1st Tyler Behm
2nd Kylee  Stouder (tie)
2nd Robert Lye (tie)

Engineering, Architecture
1st Team Alex:  Alexander Ivanov & Alexandru Raducanu
2nd Edwin Peraza Hernandez

Math, Statistics, Computer Science
2nd Sarin Regmi

SRW/Ecological Integration Symposium (EIS) Dual Symposium
2nd Alexandra Spahn

Glasscock Undergraduate Oral Award Winners:
1st Tobias Flattery
2nd Jillian Hegedus

Sigma Xi Interdisciplinary Award Winner:
Landon Nash

VPR Outstanding Diversity-Undergraduate Award Winners:
1st Carlos Holstein
2nd Jillian Hegedus
3rd Kathryn Sinclair


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