Commitment to the tenth power

Honors students take pride in their achievements in classes, but it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make Honors programs run smoothly.  Dr. Sue Geller has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Director’s Award by Honors and Undergraduate Research (HUR) to recognize her significant contribution to support the efforts of HUR and honors programs across campus.  

Geller helped establish the Department of Mathematics Honors Program in 1994, one of the oldest Honors Programs on campus, and has been its Director ever since. The success of Mathematics Honors led to Dr. Geller’s spearheading the development of additional departmental Honors Programs on campus.  As a longtime member of the Honors and Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee (HURAC) Geller continues her support of HUR by participating in the creation of new Honors tracks and departmental programs.  Geller also works closely with the faculty in the Department of Mathematics to create Honors courses that will challenge and stimulate the minds of all their Honors students. 

Geller advises current Honors mathematic students, in addition to teaching many courses in mathematics herself.  Her students know she genuinely cares for them and is readily available for their questions and concerns.  Geller’s commitment to her students has resulted in many of them choosing to engage in the Mathematics Honors Program and graduating with a major or minor in Math Honors.

This year the Mathematics department will be recognizing 10 students who will graduate with Honors in May.  Geller is honored with the Director’s Award because of the countless hours she puts in to ensure the success of this remarkable program.

Contact: Chrystina Rago,


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