Meet the Author

For me, dreams of becoming a working journalist are coming true.  My name is Chrystina Rago and I work as a communications intern for Honors and Undergraduate Research (HUR).  As an intern I am tasked with finding, writing and posting news stories about HUR at Texas A&M University. 

I came to Texas A&M from Omaha, Nebraska.  This is the point where many people ask, “Why did you come all the way down here?” The answer is I am a third generation Aggie. I knew as soon as I could talk that I would one day be a student here, and I worked hard every day to achieve that goal.

Once I got to Aggieland it took me awhile to find which academic path I should choose.  I came into college as a Kinesiology major, but soon changed to Allied Health before finally realizing my passion for writing and settling in as an Honors Communication major with a minor in Journalism. 

Earlier this year I found out about a great opportunity to work as a communications intern for HUR.  I immediately applied and was so excited when I was chosen. 

When I started work at the end of April I was petrified of what I had gotten myself into, but after coming to the realization that the “real world” was just around the corner I was up for the challenge. 

As the communications intern I get to learn and write about so many accomplishments of HUR.  In the past two and a half months I’ve had the chance to write about award-winning faculty, amazing programs available to Honors students, opportunities for Undergraduate Research and students who have achieved so much throughout their undergraduate careers.

I plan on continuing to pursue my interest in journalism in the future by either working at a public relations firm or writing for a newspaper in Texas.  I have already gained so much knowledge and experience from this opportunity and look forward to what this job and HUR have in store for me over the next year.  Keep reading the HUR blog to find out everything this department has to offer!

Contact : Chrystina Rago,


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