Dedication on and off the field

Born in the small town of Weimar, Texas, Kasey Kram grew up learning how to balance academics and extra-curricular activities.  In the third grade Kram found his passion for football and looked to his dad, a former college football player, for inspiration.  He worked hard throughout high school and was rewarded with a scholarship offer from Texas A&M University’s football program.   

Unfortunately, shortly after receiving the scholarship offer Kram injured his knee and was no longer able to accept it.  Although Kyle Field was out of the picture – at the moment – Kram was fortunate enough to have focused on his school work as much as he did on improving his football ability and was admitted to the Texas A&M class of 2015 as an Agribusiness major.

As a freshman Kram joined a leadership program, L3C (Leadership Living Learning Community), an integrated academic learning community focused upon the important role relationships play in the success of leaders. In L3C, Kram participated in events such as attending retreats, engaging in outside of the classroom activities and completing a project centered in social justice and leadership development. Through this program Kram learned about the opportunities Honors students had to become involved in undergraduate research, high-impact course, and meet students with similar academic ideals. 

While Kram set his sights on becoming a part of the Honors program he was also working to rehabilitate his knee to try out as a walk on for the football team.

 “I prioritized my daily activities to allow time for practice, friends, and studying while still managing to get enough sleep to stay focused throughout the day,” he said. Kram reached his goal of becoming an Honors student and making the football team, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPR through diligence and dedication to his studies and athletics. 

Kram is a hardworking student who thrives on staying active and busy with his studies and extracurricular activities.  “Being an undergraduate athlete is something I could not live without. I enjoy being busy and always having a task or meeting to attend, I believe that this is what helps me manage my academic load,” Kram said

“Kasey takes care of his business, as a student, student leader, and student athlete.  Balance is not easy, especially in your first year at a school as engaging as Texas A&M.  Kasey maintains balance by being focused, yet flexible.  He takes full advantage of any available spare moment.  Living in a Texas A&M University residence hall has allowed Kasey to develop a deep appreciation for the added value residence hall life can provide:  an engaging on-campus living experience, valuable friendships with fellow Aggies, faculty and staff from a diversity of backgrounds, unrivaled leadership skill development, and memories that will absolutely last a lifetime,” said Dr. Craig Rotter, Assistant Director of Residence Life.   

Being involved in so many activities is not always easy.  “My advice for future students that want to be involved whether it is a sports team, leadership role in an organization, or a member of the Honors program is that their heart has to be fully committed to the task they take on,” Kram said.

Kram is currently pursuing an Honors Fellows distinction, while rehabilitating his knee after recently re-injuring it.  His goals for the future include continuing his education at Texas A&M with a Master’s and Ph. D. in an agriculture-related field, then a career in agriculture politics or law.  “I look forward to helping agriculturists all over our nation as we combat the growing need for food security,” he said.

“I came to A&M not just to attend school but to make the most of my years here and to leave a positive impact on the organizations I am involved in; from the A&M football team to a leading agriculture advocacy movement.”  From desk to field Kasey Kram is proving student athletes can go the distance on campus.

Contact: Chrystina Rago,


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