New class of the best and brightest, 10 University Scholars join the program

The University Scholars program has chosen 10 new inductees for the class of 2015.  University Scholars are chosen for their academic leadership, innovation, curiosity and motivation.  To become a University Scholar requires not only application essays and a resume that gives evidence of academic achievement and leadership, but also successful performance in an intense “legendary” interview with a panel of faculty, administrators and senior University Scholars. Those chosen represent the core values and mission of Honors and Undergraduate Research (HUR) at Texas A&M University.

This year’s University Scholars are; Kaitlyn Aragon, sophomore biomedical engineering major, Augustus Blessing, sophomore international studies major, Kaylee Davis, junior biology major, Carli Domenico, sophomore psychology major, Adelia Humme, sophomore English major, Megan Mumford, junior political science major, Katherine Park, junior biochemistry major, Jack Reid, junior mechanical engineering major, Ryan Trantham, junior biomedical science major, and Austin Wang, junior biomedical sciences major.

As a University Scholar, students take part in Honors Faculty Mentor Groups (one hour seminar-like courses) and act as ambassadors for HUR at outreach events as well as completing their degree of choice with an Honors distinction.

 “I am excited to be a part of the University Scholars program because it allows me to interact on a personal level with professors, advisors, and mentors who are most able to guide me towards my academic, professional, and personal goals. Furthermore, I am excited to become a part of a group of similarly-minded students from whom I can learn and who will encourage me as I continue in my studies here at Texas A&M,” said Trantham.

Building a network of young scholars who can grow and learn from each other is an added incentive of the University Scholars program.  “I hope to gain the opportunity to be exposed to a vast network of future professionals in other career fields and the knowledge they possess,” said Davis.

 “This program promotes a close-knit community between students and the Honors program coordinators,” said Aragon. 

Another unique perk of being a part of the University Scholars program is the assistance it provides its students with when applying for national scholarships and fellowships. “I look forward to not only enjoying the mentor groups and serving Texas A&M as a good ambassador, but I will also be working toward becoming a Rhodes Scholar with the help the program provides its students,” said Mumford.

University Scholars have big plans and bright futures ahead of them.  By participating in programs like this, students can reach their full potential and explore all that HUR has to offer them.  “I want to excel in such a way that brings respect and admiration to our school and to the outstanding faculty, staff, and resources that make Texas A&M the first-class university that it is,” said Trantham.


Contact: Chrystina Rago,


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