The opportunity to work in Washington D.C. and abroad is causing excitement all across campus.  Through the Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) students have the chance to work alongside government officials learning about public policy and international affairs. 

This hands-on opportunity is one unique to Texas A&M University. PPIP was established in 1999 by Dr. Ray Bowen, then President of Texas A&M University, in response to students’ increasing interest and participation in public policy issues and programs.  According to the ppip.tamu.edu website, since its inception PPIP has expanded to include internships in Austin, Texas, during the Texas legislative session, Paris, France and most recently London, England to work for the U.S. Commercial Service.

Three Honors students were accepted to PPIP this past summer. They were able to experience firsthand life as a policy maker and ambassador.  Divya Chowdhary, sophomore Business Honors major, worked with the Under Secretary and Chief of Staff at the International Trade Administration of the Department of Commerce in Washington D.C.  She was the first line of communication between the Under Secretary, Chief of Staff and foreign dignitaries. 

Not only did Chowdhary facilitate communications in the Department of Commerce, but she was also able to help research trade policy and prepare briefing materials for the Under Secretary’s Congressional Hearings. Her involvement in the Honors program helped prepare her for life in the ‘real world,’ “Business Honors has high expectations of its students, so I have learned to always strive for excellence,” she said.

Chowdhary, like many other students, saw PPIP’s flyers floating around her classrooms and decided to look into the opportunity.  Her advice to students interested in this opportunity is to be enthusiastic.

“I was a freshman when I applied for the program, and was really nervous that they wouldn’t accept me because of that. However, if you show that you’re enthusiastic and ready to work extremely hard past all the obstacles, you’ll stand a good chance,” she said.

Students who are interested in this opportunity should visit http://ppip.tamu.edu/current-interns/ and complete an application before September 17th.


Contact: Chrystina Rago, chrysrago@honors.tamu.edu



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