HUR welcomes new Honors Housing Community Program Coordinator

The Honors program has under gone many new changes this year, including adding Abigail Graves to the HUR staff as the Honors Housing Community (HHC) Program Coordinator. Graves joined HUR October 23rd and is looking forward to meeting everyone involved in HHC.  She hopes to bring her experience to HHC to provide an engaging learning atmosphere.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Graves received her undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in psychology with a minor in sociology. She attended graduate school at Illinois State University where she graduated with a degree in the psychology of sport and physical activity specializing in intrinsic motivation.

Graves has extensive experience in academic and learning support with her work as a tutor, peer mentor, academic advisor and supervisor of a teacher education scholarship.  While she is well versed in academic affairs Graves has a diverse background ranging from food service to dance and machining experience under the direction of a mechanical engineer.  Her various talents will allow her to relate to students in a many ways. 

Graves’ experience with university programs led her to investigate advising positions across the country. When she heard about the Honors position at Texas A&M, Graves jumped at the opportunity to work with an Honors community. “A&M had exactly what I was looking for, a great program at a great institution,” said Graves.

Graves understands that freshman year is an important time to develop relationships with other high achieving students, and one way to do so is through a program such as HHC.  By participating in activities like game nights, meet and greets and watching TEDtalks – a diverse series of filmed lectures with industry experts—students will have a smoother transition into college and the Honors program.

Graves hopes to bring excitement to the HHC by combining ideas from HUR students and staff with her own considerable expertise.  Please help HUR welcome Abigail Graves to our community of learners!

Contact: Chrystina Rago, communication intern,


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