Former Student comes back to Aggieland to speak to HHC students

Last Friday, students in the Honors Housing Community (HHC) joined Former Student, Dr. Josh Siepel ’04 for HUR’s Pizza and Profs.  Siepel, a current lecturer for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex, spoke to HHC students about the application and interview process for the Marshall Scholarship, and what they can expect if they study abroad.

Pizza and Profs are events hosted by HUR to give HHC students an opportunity to have an intimate conversation with faculty members to learn from their life experiences.  Featured speakers are distinguished staff across a range of fields.  Each event provides students with insight and advice about how to find their path in life.

Siepel spoke to students about how to prepare for applying to a national fellowship, the Marshall Scholarship.  He told them to take a chance and apply for these great opportunities, especially if they want to study abroad.  He also helped students expect the intense application and interview process that comes with these opportunities. He recounted how his interviewers tore him to shreds, but he still got chosen for the Marshall Scholarship Program.  As reported, during his studies at A&M, Siepel was the Memorial Student Center Jordan Institute chair for two years, during which he helped begin service programs in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Siepel was also in an a capella singing group who won the A&M talent show one year, and MSC Town Hall. went on to quote Siepel saying, “I think the best thing is to keep up a broad range of interests, work on whatever it is you’re passionate about your field. Make yourself as well-rounded a person as possible and take advantage of all the things the University offers.”

HUR encourages students who are interested in any national fellowship to apply.  Abigail Graves, HHC program coordinator, reminds students in order to receive any national scholarships you must apply.


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