Student Research Week 2013 – Where Curiosity Speaks

By Hayley Cox

SRWThe 16th annual Student Research Week (SRW), a student run event on the Texas A&M campus, was a success in showcasing undergraduate research throughout the last week of March. This event illuminates the outstanding research undertaken by Texas A&M graduate and undergraduate students, allowing students to receive feedback from their peers as well as experts in their respective fields of research.

The week-long event is organized by the Graduate Student Council. This year’s theme “Where Curiosity Speaks” celebrated those students with the drive to reach beyond current knowledge to learn more.

SRW director Vineet Bhambhani said, “Student Research Week 2013 was a great success. We had a record number of undergraduate students present their research at the event. 300 undergraduates participated at the event to showcase their ongoing research in 10 different subject areas.” He said he “would like to thank the Honors and Undergraduate Research Office for their continuing support and participation in this annual student run event.”

Students present their research during SRW 2013.
Students present their research during SRW 2013.
Undergraduate Research Scholar Janelle Randolph ’14 took first prize in the earth sciences oral presentations, applying her research on sand grain movement and distribution to a dune blowout site in Padre Island National Seashore. Randolph said, “Undergraduate research is extremely challenging, but every second was worthwhile and the overall experience was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my college career. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to rise to the challenge.”

Undergraduate Research Scholar (UGRS) and University Scholar, Austin Baty, was the 2013 recipient of the Melbern G. Glasscock Humanities Award, the Sigma Xi Interdisciplinary Award, and first prize in the astronomy oral presentations. Baty used computer simulations to model the properties of molten salts containing radioactive elements. He said, “I’m very honored by receiving these awards, and I am glad to see that TAMU recognizes students who put in a lot of time to their research projects.”

In competition with 300 contenders, members of the Undergraduate Research Scholars program took over 60% of the undergraduate prizes. See the list below for details on SRW2013 undergraduate prize winners:


1st Austin Alan Baty (UGRS and University Scholar)
2nd Kristin Nichols (UGRS)

1st Jenni M. Beetge (UGRS)
2nd Benjamin Cassidy

Earth Sciences:

1st Janelle Randolph (UGRS)
2nd Rachel Musgrove

1st Dillon Amaya
2nd Stacy Arteaga (UGRS)


1st Kevin Barnett
2nd Taylor Lane (UGRS)

1st Nicholas Oborny
2nd Carlos Lopez (UGRS)

Fine Arts:

1st John Mark Vanderpool (UGRS)
2nd Cecilia Morales (UGRS)


1st Katherine Anne Elmer (UGRS)
2nd Julie Butler (UGRS)

1st Caitlin Detke and Lisa Rene Clayton


1st Matthew Barry (UGRS)
2nd Matthew Border

1st Cesar Adolfo Rodriguez Villanueva (UGRS)
2nd Andy Hampton and Jennifer Than


1st Vivek Karun (UGRS)
2nd Michelle Eifert and John Peters

1st Olivia George
2nd Robert Seth Thompson


1st Alexander Constantine (UGRS)
2nd William Jacob Cobb (UGRS)

1st Henry Joseph Lessen (UGRS)
2nd Jacob Michael Simpson

Plant Science:

1st Aaron Stephen Wang (UGRS)

1st Joseph Eric Evans
2nd Catherine Marie Hernandez (UGRS)


1st Charles Arvin (UGRS and University Scholar)
2nd Sherwin Chiu (UGRS)

1st Nancy Castellon
2nd Megan Dudley (UGRS)

Melbern G. Glasscock Humanities Award:

1st Austin Alan Baty (UGRS and University Scholar)
2nd Charles Arvin (UGRS and University Scholar)

1st Jennifer Than and Andy Hampton

Vice President for Research Diversity Award:
1st Megan Dudley (UGRS)
2nd Nancy Castellon

Sigma Xi Award for Genomics:
1st Brenda Bustillos

Sigma Xi interdisciplinary Award:
1st Austin Alan Baty (UGRS and university Scholar)


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