Meet the Author, Hayley Cox

Hayley CoxI work as a communications intern for Honors and Undergraduate Research (HUR). As an intern I am tasked with finding, writing, and posting news stories about HUR, its students, and its faculty at Texas A&M University.

I was born and raised in the DFW area, living most of my pre-college life in Arlington, Texas. During my senior year of high school, I was at the brink of decision time and conflicted in choosing a university to attend. Hard to believe I was considering rivals such as the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas (I mean TU of course!). But I visited the Texas A&M campus, fell in love, and became the first Aggie of my family.

I came to Aggieland pursuing a degree in communication, but unsure of which path to take as my minor field of study. I considered nutrition, sports management, Spanish, and psychology, but finally found my niche in my first journalism class with department head Dale Rice. Needless to say, my advisor was happy that I finally declared a minor in journalism.

Earlier this year I found out about a great opportunity to work as a communications intern for HUR. I immediately applied when I saw the details listing communication, PR, AND journalism—three components I hope to find in a future career—what could be a better experience!

I began working in mid-April, unsure of what I had gotten myself into. Chrystina Rago, the now-graduated communications intern, showed me the tasks I would have and I thought I would never be able to remember all of them. But I have finally gotten the hang of things and feel like I no longer have to label myself as “in training.”

I am so thankful for the experience I am obtaining as the communications intern for HUR. I have met such accomplished faculty of the department and have gotten the opportunity to write about so many accomplished students and professors at Texas A&M. You cannot imagine the in-depth research that so many of our undergraduate students are a part of!

I plan on graduating in May of 2014 and have many ambitions to pursue. I hope to work either with a company coordinating marathons and other runs for charity or with a music festival such as Austin City Limits, or as a journalist. I have already learned so much from this opportunity with HUR and cannot wait to see what Aggieland has in store for me in my final year of college. Keep reading the HUR blog to find out everything this department has to offer!


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