Student Spotlight – Lexi Crommett

By Hayley Cox

Lexi Crommett, Class of 2013
Lexi Crommett, Class of 2013
Lexi Crommett is the fourth student to complete a degree “majoring” in Honors. Crommett completed the University Studies – Honors degree Spring 2013. Students previously graduating with this distinction included Kat Drinkwater (language and social deficits of children with autism), Libby Joachim (application of nanotech to treatment of neurological disorders), and Cindy Williams (innovative rehabilitation programs for women). To read more about these previous University Studies – Honors graduates, see .

Crommett created her own major through the Honors program. She came to Texas A&M looking to major in Neuroscience, but since there wasn’t a degree plan to match she started out in math until she found a way to create her own major. Crommett said one day she was on the Honors website and saw the option to create your own major. “So I talked to an advisor and asked about it. I was interested in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience,” said Crommett.

Crommett’s main concentration is in neuroscience. Along with her area of concentration, Crommett decided to add three minors: math, psychology and statistics. She proves that there is something for everyone at Texas A&M, including designing your own major, “Something about my major that not many people know is probably that it even exists. Most people are usually pretty stunned when I tell them about it,” said Crommett.

Crommett urges students who are struggling to find a degree to match their plans to check into the University Studies – Honors degree program, “I would tell other people interested in USHN that it is a great idea if you have a solid idea of what you want to do with your life. I know I’m interested in brain research and I felt like this was the best way to prepare myself for that. Also, it’s great because it is what I’m interested in, so it makes going to class really easy, since I want to learn about everything in my courses.”

Crommett concluded her undergraduate career at Texas A&M University this spring, graduating Magna cum laude, University and Foundation Honors, and as an Undergraduate Research Scholar. She is continuing on to the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston to pursue her Ph. D in neuroscience.


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