Explorations Cover Art Contest is Underway—First, A Flashback to Fall!

By Hayley Cox

Explorations Cover Fall 2012
Explorations Cover Fall 2012

Explorations is a student-run journal guided by faculty and administrators that selects and publishes student-authored articles of general interest in any area. Recently published articles have been from a wide range of academic fields: music, creative poetry, forensics, cancer biology, astrophysics, nanomedicine, computer algorithms, business, geosciences, sociology, aerospace engineering, and cultural anthropology.

Each summer, a Cover Art contest is hosted by Explorations in which students are invited to submit their creative cover ideas for the following edition. The Fall 2012 cover of Explorations was created by Bailey Jones ’13. At the time, Jones was a senior biochemistry and genetics major, pursuing a minor in chemistry. She hoped to “portray the courage and wonder of discovery” in her art. Jones said her artwork was inspired by Christopher Davis’s article Finding New Subatomic Particles and the “excitement of uncovering unknowns just waiting to be found.”

 Sharpie Shoes - David Ehlig - Explorations
“Sharpie Shoes” – David Ehlig – Explorations 2012

Inside the Fall 2012 edition were: Using a Worm to Understand the Human Brain, Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, and Powering Your Water Heater with Solar Energy, amongst many other student written articles. David Ehlig’s creative and eye-catching “Sharpie Shoes” were also featured in this fourth volume of Explorations.

2012 Cover Artist Bailey Jones contributed art to the Agape Art Auction each year during her undergraduate career at Texas A&M. She said she had seen the “call for cover art” many times and realized she shouldn’t put off submitting a cover for Explorations any longer. Jones said, “It had kind of been on my college bucket list.”

Bailey Jones - Cover Art Contest Winner Fall 2012
Bailey Jones – Cover Art Contest Winner Fall 2012

Jones graduated from Texas A&M University this spring with plans to attend pharmacy school. The graduate said she does not plan to pursue art “in the serious sense,” but she said, “It is a large part of my life—painting and planning composition and color helped to keep me sane in the midst of studying.” Jones was very close to attending a college in pursuit of an art degree, but instead decided to make art a hobby and chose the field of biochemistry for a career.

The now-graduated artist said upon seeing her cover on the fourth edition of Explorations, she felt “very honored and happy to have contributed to A&M from a creative side.” This was an opportunity she didn’t know she would receive.

The Department of Honors and Undergraduate Research would like to again congratulate Bailey Jones on her cover’s selection for the fourth edition of Explorations in Fall 2012!

The cover art contest for the fifth edition of Explorations is currently underway, with submissions due Monday, July 1st. All submissions must have a white tiger motif and all TAMU students are invited to submit.

More information can be found at explorations.tamu.edu and questions should be sent to explorations@tamu.edu.

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