Amélie Berger Selected as TAMU Outstanding Junior

Congratulations Amelie!

Phi Kappa Phi at Texas A&M University

April 13, 2014

College Station, TX-Each year, the deans in each college select the most outstanding student from among all the juniors in their respective colleges. One of the hardest–and most rewarding–aspects of serving on the Phi Kappa Phi board is selecting just one of these amazing students as the TAMU Outstanding Junior.

This year, Amélie Berger ’15 was the student selected.

PKP Berger Outstanding Jr TAMU Outstanding Junior Amélie Berger ’15 (center) with College of Geosciences faculty Dr. Steven Quiring (left) and Dr. Oliver Frauenfeld (right)

Berger will graduate in May, 2015 with a bachelors in environmental geosciences, a minor in oceanography and a minor in meteorology. Berger is a member of the American Association of Geographers and has volunteered at the Oceanography Institute of Paris. She has completed research with Dr. Debbie Thomas in oceanography on South Pacific Deep Water circulation and with Dr. Oliver Frauenfeld in geosciences on land-atmosphere heat exchange in the Arctic.

Berger also…

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