HUR Staff Spotlight: Antoine Jefferson

Honors and Undergraduate Research would like to welcome Antoine Jefferson, our newest program coordinator who is tasked with creating and implementing the new Leadership Capstone slated to begin Fall of 2014.

Antoine Jefferson, Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Leadership Scholars
Antoine Jefferson, Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Leadership Scholars

Antoine is from Minden, Louisiana, a small town in the Northwest corner of the state. He attended LSU as a student in the Honors College, majoring in Biological Sciences with the initial intention of going to medical school because that was what he thought he was supposed to do.

While in college, he participated in many extracurricular activities and took on leadership roles. These activities helped him see people in different ways as they celebrated accomplishments and shared experiences. As he immersed himself in groups and communities, Antoine discovered his passion for extra-curricular learning and personal growth.

In his search to find a way to help people and be a positive influence, Antoine tried a stint as a social worker in Louisiana. However being a social worker wasn’t quite the right environment. Antoine decided to become a 4-H Extension agent; a position that fosters non-traditional learning and engagement for the students that participate. This led him to the University of Georgia to work on his Masters in Agricultural Leadership. Midway through the degree — after teaching a service-learning leadership course and involvement in other projects at the university–he realized that working in post-secondary education would be most suited for him.

Completing his Master’s degree, Antoine worked diligently to find a position within Student or Academic Affairs. He sought more education to help reach his goal. While working towards an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida, he applied and was offered the Program Coordinator position to create the Undergraduate Leadership Scholars capstone with Honors and Undergraduate Research at Texas A&M.

His philosophy is that the Leadership Capstone should take an active and reflective approach to leadership. Each student will work towards leadership development in their organization, as a team, and as an individual. The end goal for the capstone is a reflective leadership journal, tools for personal development, and completion of a project that improves the organization. This will be an academic approach to leadership in action. It will involve critical thinking and require the student to support their morals and ethics, and to take on leadership in the real world. With Antoine’s experience in leadership roles and teaching leadership, he knows that the Undergraduate Leadership Scholars capstone will be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Beyond leadership, Antoine enjoys playing various instruments, singing, and humor. He is also excited to be an advisor to honors students. His goal is to help students develop beyond coursework, and to help guide them in their path into the real world.


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