HUR Staff Spotlight: Wallace Fanning

Honors and Undergraduate Research would like to welcome Wallace Fanning, our newest program coordinator. His responsibilities are is to work with the Honors Housing Community, develop content for the LCSE – 002 Family Meetings, and to support the Sophomore Advisor & Junior Advisor Team.

Wallace Fanning - Honors Housing Community Program Coordinator
Wallace Fanning – Honors Housing Community Program Coordinator

Wallace is from Colorado where he graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder in May of 2007. His undergraduate degree is in Political Science with a Minor in Philosophy. At University of Colorado Wallace chose to focus his course work on Political Theory, Political Philosophy, and Ethics. This included honors courses such as: Democracy and Difference, Comparative Economics, Democratic Theory, & Conservative Political Thought. During his time on campus, Wallace also participated in the Chancellor’s Leadership Residential Academic Program, debate, and served as both a Resident Advisor and Senior Resident Advisor for the campus.

In 2007, Wallace accepted a full time position at McKendree University as a Resident Director for the Office of Residence Life. In this position, he had the opportunity to work with amazing students both from Southern Illinois and also from around the world. His passion for Social Justice helped him to found the Social Justice Living Learning Community in 2009. During his time at McKendree University, Wallace also had the honor of being a Co-Coordinator for U.S. Presidents Honor Roll Center for Public Service, a member of the University Technology Advisory Committee, and also served as an Assistant Coach to Nationally Ranked McKendree Parliamentary Debate Team.

In 2011, after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Educational Studies from McKendree University, Wallace accepted a position at Texas A&M as Community Director. Working for Residence Life at Texas A&M University, a preeminent housing organization, afforded Wallace many different opportunities including working with the Wellness Living Learning Community, Aggie Gateway to Success Provisional Admissions Program, Summer Housing for the Corps of Cadets, and most recently with the Lechner & McFadden Hall Honors Housing Community. During his time, Wallace served as the committee chair for the Graduate Hall Director Development Committee, a member of the departmental Mission and Values Realignment Committee, the Website Committee, and more.

When not working, Wallace loves to play with gadgets (he sometimes gets to play with technology at work too!). From building his own computers to researching the latest in technology and games, Wallace hopes to bring passion for learning, technology, and action-oriented problem solving to the community. Wallace also hopes that the gnomes, hobbits, dragons, and randomly placed technology in his office will be an inviting space for students, staff, and faculty to stop by, as he loves to help!

Please feel free to contact Wallace by stopping by Henderson Hall or emailing him at .


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