Undergraduate Research Ambassadors’ Research Pays Off

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors Victoria Ehlinger ’14 and Jeremy Seidel ’14 have recently been honored as part of the first-place chemical engineering research team in the 2014 Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development and will share in the $40K prize. Both Ehlinger and Seidel were part of the inaugural cohort of the program which was conceived as a way to let successful undergraduate researchers tell their stories and encourage others to engage research.

The research team, led by Dr. Mark Holtzapple, presented a project titled “Production of Gasoline from Municipal Solid Waste by Carboxylate Fermentation.” The other two finalist teams were from Florida International University and Rice University.

Screen Capture: 1st Production of Gasoline from Municipal Solid Waste by Carboxylate Fermentation. Exectutive Summary: This report describes a waste-to-fuels process that diverts 67% of municipal solid waste (MSW) from landfills to profitably produce gasoline and recyled metals. The process contains four major sections: waste sorting, fermentation, membrane extraction, and Kolbe electrolysis. MSW contains approximately 60% digestable components sucha s food, yard, and paper waste.
Screen shot of the Odebrecht announcement

Read more about the award and the accomplishments of these scholars at http://tx.ag/qrxarr.


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