HUR Staff Spotlight: Tammis Sherman

Honors and Undergraduate Research presents Tammis Sherman. Sherman serves as Program Coordinator for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, and coordinates support and enrichment for undergraduates engaged in summer research projects at Texas A&M, such as the Aggie Research Scholars and the many campus REUs.

Tammis Sherman
Tammis Sherman, HUR Program Coordinator

Sherman grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and has had a horse or pony for as long as she can remember. She had a small buckboard wagon she would hitch up and give friends rides around her rural home. Sherman was in 4-H and developed a great love for exploring. It was that sense of adventure that took Sherman from New England to Texas, with a couple of years spent living in Oahu, Hawaii, swimming with her daughter at Waikiki.

With a background in finance, Sherman spent 30 years working with people doing estate and retirement planning. With so much energy and enthusiasm, Sherman could not stay retired. She began working with the Texas A&M Research Foundation, and then under the Vice-President for Research, Dr. Robert Webb, and Dr. Suma Datta, who was serving as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research. When Dr. Datta was selected as Executive Director and tasked with combining the University Honors Program and Undergraduate Research Scholars program, Sherman made the move with her.

Sherman lives on a small farm and enjoys time with her many animals, which included horses, cows, cats, dogs, and the occasional bull. An accomplished baker, Shermans’ cupcakes and muffins are the highlight of office gatherings, especially when she is trying out a new recipe. Sherman is also a gifted artist and often shares inspiring photographs taken on her farm. She also paints, and her fantastic animals not only adorn her office wall, but also the custom cards she gives each year at the holidays.

IMG_8838 IMG_8843

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