Kaye and Steve Horn Host Honors Recruiting Reception

In the spirit of the season, Honors and Undergraduate Research would like to express our appreciation to Kaye and Steve Horn (Class of ’79) for graciously hosting a reception for prospective Texas A&M University Honors students at their home in River Oaks on November 2.

Left to Right: Steve Horn '79, Adelia Humme '15, Ryan Trantham '15, and Kaye Horn.
Left to Right: Steve Horn ’79, Adelia Humme ’15, Ryan Trantham ’15, and Kaye Horn.

Former Texas Governor John Connally’s historic mansion provided a stunning backdrop for the mingling of 16 National Merit Finalists and their parents and representatives of Texas A&M University. The many reminders of Steve’s success at Texas A&M, where he earned his degree in Petroleum Engineering before moving to Harvard to pursue an MBA, ranged from the jackets on the Horns’ pet dogs to photos of the President’s Endowed Scholars the Horns have supported over the years. Kaye’s passion for her adopted institution and in particular our history as a military college and the contribution of Aggies to the “greatest generation” was evident in her remarks to the assembled group. In a beautiful synergy, current Honors student Adelia Humme ’15 told the prospective students about her grandfather Hubert V. King, who left Texas A&M to fight in World War II and was presented with an Aggie ring upon his return at the end of the war engraved with the year that he would have graduated had he stayed in college (1944).

The prospective students were welcomed by Kaye and Steve Horn personally, as well as by staff from TAMU Admissions, Scholarships & Financial Aid, and Honors and Undergraduate Research. The prospective students also had a chance to meet Ryan Trantham ’15, the current Memorial Student Center President, and Adelia Humme, both members of the selective University Scholars Program. Ryan, Adelia, and the staff answered questions from the students and their parents about coursework, applications, scholarships, program requirements, the Honors dorms and study abroad opportunities in Italy, among other topics.

We at Honors and Undergraduate Research are thrilled that Kaye and Steve were willing to open their hearts and home to help us recruit top academic achievers to Texas A&M University and to the University Honors program in particular. We were proud to be able to introduce the Horns to Ryan and Adelia, outstanding student ambassadors who exemplify how the programs we run help develop promising high school students into accomplished young people. And we hope the prospective Aggies who attended the reception could see in Kaye and Steve, and in Adelia and Ryan, where they might be at the height of a successful career or as college seniors after a start in University Honors at Texas A&M!


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