Daniel Garcia’s Capstone: Medialabs – Unifying Design Professions

A capstone is a project that takes the knowledge and skills our undergraduates learn in their courses and brings these together in a practical experience. Honors and Undergraduate Research runs four capstone programs–Undergraduate Research Scholars, Undergraduate Teacher Scholars, Undergraduate Service Scholars, and Undergraduate Leadership Scholars–that are open to all Texas A&M Undergraduates.

Students in the University Honors Program are expected to complete a capstone experience as part of the Honors Fellows distinction requirements but sometimes our existing programs do not fit a student’s career goals. Students who have an existing departmental capstone can modify that experience to fit our requirements and have the capstone count for both the department and the University Honors Program.

A photo mosaic of Daniel Garcia giving his presentation with some close-ups of his presentation posters.Environmental design major Daniel Garcia ’15, chose to pursue a departmental capstone to fulfill his Honors Fellows requirement. His project, an extension of a studio project completed for a class, examines how space can be designed to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and expand opportunities for lifelong learning. Below is an excerpt from Daniel’s presentation of his project:

The chance to complete a capstone project for me meant the opportunity to take what I have been learning the past four years in architecture and take a moment to step back to analyze how the architecture I design can begin to impact on a local, but more importantly, global scale.  Specifically, how Media Labs as a building type can begin to facilitate the spread of ideas and the evolution of technology while unifying design professions.

Through my research I have found that the common thread linking media labs around the world is that media labs are “A PLACE TO DO” and “A PLACE OF ACTION”.  What I mean by this is that Media Labs are the new platforms for design innovation and the advancement of technology.  They serve as a haven for different professionals to come together to conceptualize and create solutions that would be harder to solve in their separate working environments.

To read more about Daniel’s project, visit his blog at https://dangar1.wordpress.com.

To learn more about capstone opportunities at Texas A&M, visit http://tx.ag/capstones.



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