Two Honors Students Selected for Fall 2018 Policy Internships

The Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) trains, assists with placement, and provides support for Texas A&M students in policy-related internships in Washington, D.C., Austin, Paris, and London. We are excited to announce that two University Honors Program students, Akhil Thadani and Jessica Rollinson, have been selected for internships this fall.

Jessica Rollinson ’19, Public Policy Intern

Jessica Rollinson ’19, a sociology major from Houston, TX, provided some insight into her plans and how this internship fits into her long-term plans:

1. Where will you be interning?

I am interning with the Bose Public Affairs Group, a comprehensive government affairs consulting firm that has an especially robust practice in education related public policy.

2. What was the application and interview process like for PPIP?

The application process was similar to applying to college or professional school – a resume, essay, and letters of recommendation are required. The interview was done by a panel of judges and was primarily a discussion about my professional experience and goals with a bit of a debate about my essay.

3. How will your internship fit into your long-term goals?

This internship fits into my long-term goals by helping me determine whether I want to work with public policy related to education professionally or as a volunteer.

Application deadlines are approaching for Spring and Summer 2019 internships. Interested students are encouraged to review requirements and submit applications at


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