Karen Kubena Selected for 2019 Director’s Award

The Director’s Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Programs was created in 2010 to recognize significant contribution to and support of the efforts of the University Honors Program on campus. The 2019 recipient of the Director’s Award is Dr. Karen Kubena.

Dr. Karen Kubena, 2019 Director’s Award recipient

Dr. Karen S. Kubena is a Professor of Nutrition and Food Science. Dr. Kubena’s degrees in Nutrition included B.S., University of Wisconsin and Ph.D., Texas A&M University.   As assistant professor in the Animal Science Department and a Registered Dietitian, she obtained American Dietetic Association (ADA) accreditation for and directed the undergraduate Program in Dietetics and the Dietetic Internship.  The focus of her research and teaching was nutrition in disease, and 78 of her graduate students completed degrees.  Kubena was the first woman Section Leader in Animal Science and then the first woman administrator in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Associate Dean – Academic Affairs.  In 2002 she initiated the effort that established the Department of Nutrition and Food Science and in 2012 the Nutritional Sciences Honors Program.   Kubena served as Chair of the Study Abroad Program Policy Committee, faculty senator, and member of the Committee on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure and the College of Agriculture and Life Science Peer Review Committee.  She served as President, Board on Agriculture Academic Programs Committee for the Association of Land Grant and Public Universities, and held 10 national positions with ADA.  Awards and honors include ADA Outstanding Achievement in Dietetic Education, TAMU Association of Former Students Distinguished Teaching Award – College, and Fellow, American College of Nutrition.

For a list of previous recipients, please visit http://launch.tamu.edu/Academic-Excellence/Faculty-Recognition/Director-s-Award.

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