Amélie Berger to Receive $10K Astronaut Scholarship

2014 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Recipient, Amélie Berger '15
2014 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Recipient, Amélie Berger ’15

Excerpted from Geosciences News:

Amélie Berger, junior environmental geosciences student from Paris, France, is one of 30 students nationwide to be awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. This is the second year in a row that a student in the College of Geosciences has received the award.

Berger will receive a $10,000 scholarship in recognition of “her unique aptitude for research and ingenuity in science and technology,” according to the award letter.

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Amélie Berger, ’15, was selected for nomination based on her strong scholarship in and out of the classroom. Berger has conducted research on South Pacific Deep Water circulation with Dr. Debbie Thomas in oceanography, as well as on land-atmosphere heat exchange in the Arctic and rainfall in Costa Rican cloud forests with Dr. Frauenfeld in geosciences. Berger has presented on her research at the Association of American Geographers meeting, the American Geophysical Union meeting, and will have a paper published in Biotropica on November 14.

Berger has previously been recognized as the 2014 Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Junior, with the Team Diversity Award, and the Thomas S. Gathright Scholar Award. In addition to serving as a peer mentor and recruiter for the College of Geosciences, Berger is an active leader in several student organizations. Berger plans to pursue a Ph.D. and work in climate science and sustainability.

The Astronaut Scholarship is the largest monetary award given in the United States to science and engineering undergraduate students based solely on merit. Thirty-two of these prestigious awards were dispersed this year through the ASF to outstanding college students majoring in science, technology, engineering or math. More than $3.7 million has been awarded in scholarships to date. Since 1986, ASF has distributed over $200,000 to Astronaut Scholars at Texas A&M University. These high-achieving students exhibit strong drive and phenomenal performance in their field, as well as intellectual daring and a genuine desire to positively change the world around them, both in and out of the classroom.

Former Astronaut Scott Parazynski, M.D. will present Berger with her award on behalf of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation on Thursday, October 2, 1:30-2:30 PM.



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